Japan Pinhole Photographic Society

About Us

The Japan Pinhole Photographic Society (JPPS) is an organization for pinhole "Hariana" photographers and anyone who would like to start pinhole photography. The main aim of the JPPS is to foster interest in pinhole photography, facilitate exchange of ideas and experience, and encourage and assist members in their pinhole photographic endeavors. It is oriented toward a range of experience and skill levels.

Our activities include:

1) Photography classes and workships in Japan (basically from creating pinhole camera, take pinhole photographs to develop films.)

2) Pinhole photo shooting events (incl.information exchange)

3) Periodic photo exhibition organized by JPPS. Share information about members' photo exhibition.

4) Information exchange meetings in Japan.

5) Hold lectures and symposia in Japan.

6) Setup and maintain JPPS website.

7) Publish email magazine (Japanese only)

8) Provide support on publishing books related to pinhole photography in Japan.

9) Correct information to disseminate the technique of pinhole photography.

How to Become a member of Japan Pinhole Photographic Society

We're pleased that you're interested in JPPS. If you want to join JPPS:

Contact JPPS and express your interest with some details of your background of pinhole photography.

Contact: Xiao Shan - international support of JPPS - xiao_shan@jpps.jp